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Without windows

Yes, what we would do without WINDOWS, is it possible?

On Sunday, I was able to experience this phenomenon when my computer crashed after installing an update from “Windows Update”. Upon startup, I was met with the text:

“Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.”

What a devastating feeling which became worse when all the tips available over the internet didn’t work. I went straight into the pc recovery utility that came with the installation which didn’t work either as the default was too old a system and thus upon restart, the BLUE SCREEN of DEATH flashed quickly before restarting again and again and again. After sometime, it became painfully clear that I had no choice but to reinstall Windows…oh my gosh, no! Luckily I do weekly backups to my external so all study work was safe but not all the drivers which I had acquired over time for different add ons like audio and graphic, mouse and keyboard, motherboard chipset drivers and so on which can only be used with a Windows OS…what a mess!! Eventually I fixed it.

When I say eventually, I mean 2 days and nights of no food or sleep crying and cursing to bring my pc back to that healthy “friendly” state.  The thought of being without Windows was something I couldn’t contemplate not even for a second. Without Windows, i had no internet, without internet, I had no WWW and without WWW, there was no communication, no time-wasting games and nothing with which to take all my attention! Oh no, my study too, well it dawned on me that my pc is worth more than the few hundred dollars I paid for it, it was my life…suffice to say why I call my pc, my bestie.

Thanks for reading.

< kloriz >

Checking in…

For the past few weeks i have been following the discussion boards and reading many points of view regarding a wide range of topics. What i noticed is that we are a very thirsty group all trying to quench the desire for knowledge and each and every single one of us can bring something to the table that is quite useful for someone else. Whether it be from experience, intelligence, creativity or someone elses thoughts and ideas there is always one other who can use it and benefit from it.

Getting through the first assignments for NET102 and WEB101 has been (to say the least) an experience. Never did i dream that i would ever draw back on my highschool years and pull out the teaching directives that i use to mock. That those recollections would pull me through some gruelling reading nights and notetaking. The many hours spent catching up will taunt me for sometime, in particular the dreaded referencing; but nonetheless, i am pleased that i manage to complete it all and hope that its correct!

With the first lot of assignments completed now, i am able to centre my focus a lot clearer on the tasks at hand. I am very thankful that the assignments this time around are not due on the same date. I know that this is more a personal reflection but it was necessary to offload. Thanks for reading.

Hello world!

Week One…

Well today i decided to make a start on my web presence. Initially when thinking of an adequate username my mind went completely blank! Nothing, not even familiar names would come to mind. Then i had a thought; the internet’s main feature is ‘to search’. So i entered the word, ‘usernames’ into Google and ‘voila‘, there it was, a website that provides and updates available usernames, categorized in alphabetical order, on a daily basis. I was truly bewildered by this! Look here

Anyway still thinking of a suitable username and wanting to be safe, i stuck with the norm and proceeded to check for usernames beginning with “k”. I was pleasantly surprised and/relieved as the usual names i had been using were not included on this site. Well after along search of the letter ‘k’ i gave up and needless to say,  settled on a username that was totally unpredicted. Now the next step.. To check if this name was available on ALLsites.When i ran the check on my chosen username, “klori” i was excited as one by one the ticks appeared and then upon review, discovered that it was available on ALL sites required. What a sigh of relief! Now to select the site..  I first chose “Delicious” mainly for the bookmarks feature but was disappointed that it required a Yahoo account because my username was not available on Yahoo and now i was back at step 1!

I then decided to visit each of the sites to select an appropriate site for my blog. Reading through them, i realised that there is more to the whole “blogging” thing and so much more variety than i would have believed. I settled on “WordPress” due to the variety of options available and amount of tools included. After adding the letter ‘z’ to my username and receiving confirmation from “” i proceeded to sign up. All was going well with the signup and then there it was;  the infamous privacy warning displayed with just one word, “Privacy” and a checkbox. It read:

Privacy“I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati, and in public listings around”.

Of course, it was optional determined by a checkbox. I read the words over again and then it hit me, if the right search words were entered, then my private information would be publicised without notification given as to who was accessing it. I know that warnings about privacy have been around since the introduction of the internet to the world but never until this minute did i realise just how easy my personal information can be stolen and all with one checkbox. No signature required just ‘tick here’!

Thank you for reading – < kloriz >

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